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People and horses alike find our farm beautiful and stimulating to the mind.  It has a diverse mixture of open pasture, hills, and forests.  This diversity keeps a horse's mind active.  It's the perfect managed ecosystem for horses living herd life.  Seasons are mild in central Missouri and also provide interesting changes for your horse.  The most important contributor to your horses health is the pasture it lives and dines on.  We take pride in low stocking densities which allow year round grazing.  Healthy forage leads to healthy horses.  We provide quality forage in a sustainable way.   Best practices include providing a fresh paddock every 3-5 days, soil testing and amendment, water near all grazing locations, and occasional mowing, to name a few.  Paddocks have been laid out to provide access to multiple options for shade and shelter. 

We regularly pass by and move through pastures.  Each day we provide a scoop of quality, custom mixed grain that is rolled, not ground.  Daily feeding provides a routine for gauging the health and happiness of each horse.  Horses needing Senior Feed for weight maintenance are separated to insure they get entitled nutrition.  Are they moving and behaving as expected?  With our small herd, changes are quickly noticed. 


We provide free choice hay as needed. In 2019, our herd ignored hay until after Christmas preferring fresh grass. The hay is brome that is custom baled locally.  We haul and store it ourselves to insure that it's high quality is maintained.  Our hay needs are very low due to careful pasture management. When needed, it is distributed to insure equal access. Free choice mineral blocks are provided at all times. 


We coordinate foot care on your behalf to insure healthy feet.  Our pastures are well drained to start with so we don't have "standing in mud" related issues.  We schedule 6 farrier visits per year.   Joyce Fahrni is our farrier and provides excellent service for us. She trims for natural hoof health and we have almost no hoof issues.  Farrier work is included in board. You are welcome to contact Joyce at 573-789-1446 as a reference.   

As a teacher I know how important information and learning is.  We are very fortunate to have a personal friend and neighbor who is a teacher of  equine veterinary medicine.  Also a personal friend operates a nearby retirement farm.  They  have both informally advised Selby Farm for 15 years as a preventative to problems.  We are deeply grateful for their support.  For the horse owner, this translates into long-term savings due to strong herd and individual health.  It also facilitates a very quick response when a health issue occurs.  We highly recommend MU's Equine Veterinary service as directed by Dr. Alison LaCarrubba.  We always welcome input from friends in the horse care business and you the owner.  


In 2013 we installed a new well,  all new water lines and top-of-the line Ritchie™ waterers. In winter, these freeze-proof waterers are warmed by the earth.  They provide a dependable supply of delicious, cool, clean water.  The proximity of these "drinks" close to each paddock encourages uniform grazing for healthy pastures.  

Worming is provided on a schedule recommended by Dr. LaCarrubba, MU Equine Veterinarian. We have few parasite issues due too low stocking densities and frequent pasture rotation.  Worming cost is included in board.

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