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JAY 33 yrs.

We love them all, but Jay is our favorite.

Jay is a Tennessee  Walker born in NY in 1983.  Jay ran barrels and  was shown in 4-H in his early years.  After that he was a "Cadillac Trail Horse." He also stood as a Roman soldier's horse for a live nativity scene, and carried autistic children at a theraputic riding school.  He is a true gentleman.  Jay has some hip paralysis due to EPM.  There was concern Jay would get pushed over in a large herd.  Instead, Jay's owner chose Selby Farm Retirement. She also believed (and time has proven) that our hills are natural excercise therapy for his condition.  Jay is fond of our mare Hannah and stays close to her.  Hannah takes care of Jay.  They are a great couple.  

Hannah 24 yrs.

Our forever pony!

We bought Hannah when she was 12.  She has barrel raced, jumped, and been trail ridden.  She was a bareback lounge chair for our daughter's pre-teen free reading.  My daughter still rides her bareback.  She would rather take a fly-bite than unsettle a child having a pony ride.  She lets all the other horses think they are in charge, but is the quiet, experienced leader.  

Viking 26 yrs.

Ahoy Matey...

Viking is a calm, patient, and mature retiree.  He was actually born in Hawaii! Before coming to Selby Farm he had been beat up on due to being blind in his left eye.  With our small herd, he has his herd-mates figured out.  No surprise bites from random horses looking to climb the social ladder.

Chief 9yrs.

A good natured ton of Belgian muscle!!

Chief's footfalls are distinguishable from the rest of the herd.  And you know why.  Chief is king at feed time (is that mixing metaphors?).  He wasted no time letting the herd know that he would eat first.  Sonny is not happy about the new heirarchy, but doesn't know that Chief will only be with us while his family settles in to a new home.  Chief is trained to pull a large cart.  I asked about special needs and his owner hesitated before saying...."just volume."  We have plenty of forage so he is a good fit here at Selby Farm Horse Retirement.  Follow-up--Chief is now back with his family!

Sabrina  14 yrs.

Hot Blooded Diva!

Sabrina's signature move is bolting through a newly opened gate. Sabrina's owner says she can be a brat, but I prefer 'Diva'.  She knows she is a pretty girl and occasionally stirs the social pot, especially when a new horse arrives.  Sabrina's owner is a large animal veterinarian in Texas.   

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