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My beautiful Chestnut Fox Trotter, Rooster Edward was about 26 when we found Selby Farm. My dad owned Rooster for many years, before Dad passed away.  My family was going to get rid of Rooster and Girl, who was my dads’ Tennessee Walker, but I wanted to keep them both as long as I could.  I didn’t realize what big job that was, but the Selby’s made it easy for me. I am so grateful for that time at Selby Farm.

Doug and Brenda Selby welcomed us in the middle of the night, after a quick decision to move Rooster to a different farm, where Rooster had been for about a year, but was not in a good spot. My veterinarian recommended Doug, as I had called about boarding Rooster. Doug lived real close to my vet so that was even better! The long winding road that lead us to a country home and acres of beautiful land, felt like God and placed us right where we needed to be. I will never forget how happy I was for Rooster. He loved it and so did I.

The beautiful farm is a little piece of heaven, and is well maintained with safe fences, and good quality hay and grain.  Just the assurance of knowing Rooster was well taken care of, made a peace within me. I didn’t ride Rooster much, because my life was so busy and I was a little timid of him, because he had a mind of his own, and I wasn’t about ready to try to change it at his age. I just wanted to give him the best life possible even though I was not able to ride him much.

Rooster had the best herd of friends and was loved. Doug was very patient and so kind to even take care of Rooster when passed away to heaven. That really meant a lot to me.  There is a Big Oak Tree out behind the sturdy little barn, where Rooster spent many hours in the shade, hanging out with his friends. I still visualize it and want to make a painting or drawing of it someday. I’m hoping it will help in missing my Dad and Rooster and Girl.

  Selby Farm is more than a place to let your horse run free and feel God’s green earth and open blue skies. It’s a place for them to find peace and fellowship with friends. Everything was always so calm and peaceful, and Doug and Brenda were more than gracious with their land and their hearts. I will never forget that wonderful place and someday I will see Rooster and my Dad again riding in the heavens with reins in hand. They will live forever in my heart. Thank you Doug and Brenda for sharing Selby Farm with Rooster and I.


Amy Dawkins

Columbia MO

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